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Book 4 in The Wolves of Dumnonia saga – now entitled The Apprentice Prince – is finished (hurrah!) It will be published on Friday 22 April, and will be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. I am also still working on the shop front of the website so (in time!) the paperback version will also be available to purchase directly from me.

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the blurb and the cover image. The woman represents Hildelith, a strong-willed, independent thinking Saxon who is more than a match for the tortured Saeric.

A king in the making. A lost prince returns.

Saeric, apprentice to Heremund Iron Fist and acolyte to Earl Eadwald of Sceaptesburh, is fast realising how ill-equipped he is to wear the mantle of a crown prince. His progress is blighted by the lingering shadow of his former Saxon owner, Eanswith, who is determined to reclaim her runaway slave at any cost. Meanwhile, as rumours grow of a lost prince returned, others begin plotting a different course for Saeric.

As summer draws to a close, Rathulf sails toward his self-imposed exile, arriving in Dumnonia to an uncertain future. Knowing nothing of the language or customs of his homeland, Rathulf sets out alone in search of his brother and the city of their birth. It is in Caer Uisc that he finally receives a friendly welcome, so he dons his wolven tunic, thankful to have at last found his true home and people…

Praise for earlier books in the series

“A cracking read. This is a fast paced and fascinating book which stimulates and grabs the imagination. Looking forward to more to come.”

“Page Turner. I have never read a book that made me want to keep on reading as much as this trilogy, can’t wait for the next one.”

“Great Trilogy. Loved this trilogy, good storyline, well written. Now for book four.”

“Another great example of the author’s talent. I will be downloading book three shortly. I’m in for a cracking good read if books one and two are anything to go by. Keep them coming.”

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